Steeped in ancient history, and dating back to the Arab and Phoenician traders, Indigo dyed cloth arrived in the Cape in the 1800’s.
The German traders gifted this cloth to the king, which soon became a favourite among the African women. The cloth became known as Shweshwe named after the reigning king at that time, King Moshoeshoe 1.

Today South Africa is only producer of this fabric word wide.It is still used in many African ceremonies as well as gracing the European fashion catwalks.

The fabric is coated in a waxy layer with a pleasing smell that is synonymous with Shweshwe. This wax coating was used in Sea faring days to preserve the fabric as it sailed the seas to other countries.
After washing the fabric the wax gives way to reveal a soft but sturdy cotton.

Your yoga mat bag has been made from pre washed Shweshwe and your purchase also affords an income to a struggling yet talented Malawian gentleman and his family. Ivan stitches each bag with dedication and precision.